About Sæulfr


Pennsic, 2024. Photo by the wonderful Josh Gershon Feldman.

I am an East Kingdom-based SCA medieval reenactor. I have played in the West Kingdom most of my adult life, and recently moved to the East Coast. I have been playing in the SCA since 2014, and got my start at West Coast Culinary Symposium. 

My persona is a 10th century Icelander, who has dabbled in sheep rearing, trading, cooking, and more. My name is pronounced SAH-OOHL-VUR [sɛ-uːl:-vr] [Younger Futhark: ᛋᚬᚢᛚᚠᛦ]. 

My pronouns are they/them, but in persona it's fine to also use he/him. 

My general interests include textiles (weaving, dyeing, knitting, sewing) and cooking. I am especially keen on open fire cooking techniques. Other research interests include queer medieval culture and life. 

You can find my East Kingdom Wiki page here.

In real life, I'm an art historian and nerd. 

Cooking outside the Barony of Angels camp at Great Western War 2019.